Why is America Going Down the Tubes?

This question was posed to us this morning in the sermon. Our scripture today comes from Acts 21 & 22. The text is about Paul returning to Jerusalem and how he is greeted by the Israelites.

As Christians we tend to blame the demise of the U.S. on those other people who don’t love God any more. I know I have been guilty of making those kinds of remarks, but of course, Matt, our Pastor has a way of making you look at things another way! How many times have you looked at the clock on Sunday morning and rolled over thinking you can sneak in a few more minutes. You may do this a couple of times and then when you look up at it again, you realize you fell back to sleep and now you don’t have time to get ready. You reason that God won’t care if you miss just this one Sunday. Then the next week there’s another reason and another until you are out of the habit of going. Don’t let that happen to you! It’s so much easier to stay in the habit of going to church. There’s never a question of whether or not you need to get up. Everyone in the family just knows that you are going and they need to get up and get ready!

So, what kind of things do we need to be doing? Well, you know. Things that you intend to do that you never get around to. Maybe you intended to stop in and visit an elderly person that doesn’t get out much any more or that person that you have been meaning to invite to church. We have good intentions, but for one reason or another we just never get around to it.

Is God real to me and do I always give Him the praise? I think it’s human nature to think that we get the credit for what we’ve accomplished in life. But, when we become Christians, we have to know better! We know that all good things come from God, so why do we tend to take credit when things go well? We must be willing to do whatever it takes, short of sinning, to win people to Jesus. If we are going to share the gospel, we have to relate with people. We can’t just sit in our church on Sundays and expect to share the gospel with the lost. We have to go out and find them! I know that may sound intimidating, but that’s the Great Commission, isn’t it? We don’t all have to travel half way around the world, because there are people right here in our home town who don’t know Jesus. Those are the ones we need to reach out to!

But, how can I do that, you say? There are opportunities to help with Kids Night Out that we are starting this fall or help out with the food pantry. How about the people that you work with? Let them know that you are willing to share your faith with them. Not in a preachy way, but just let them know what Jesus has done for you. Share what a difference he’s made in your life. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t know about God, but there were times in my life that I certainly didn’t feel close to Him. Sometimes, though, it’s the toughest things in life that bring us closer and allow us to feel that He is there for us whenever we need him. We must be willing to ask for Him to be a part of our lives. We’ve got to remember to open the door and let him in.

Was there someone in your life that introduced you to Jesus? Share your story here if you feel inclined. Maybe it will make a difference in someone else’s life. That’s my take on this week’s sermon. You can hear Matt’s sermons by going to the website at www.milanchurch.com and clicking on the podcast link. Until next week, may God bless you and keep you safe!











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